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Births, Marriages & Deaths

Birth, marriage and death civil records form the backbone of genealogical research. Civil registration was mandated in Ontario in 1869. Search church records for information prior to 1869. Also included in B-M-Ds are adoption and divorce resources. More info...

Canadian Census

Access censuses in Canada: 1842, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911.  More info...

Cemetery Records & Obituaries

Cemeteries and churchyards are important sources of information. Obituaries and death notices in newspapers provide information such as names of next of kin.  More info...

Church Records

Before 1869, when the Vital Statistics Act came into effect, records were not collected centrally by the government. To find these early records, researchers must look at church records.  More info...

Immigration Records

Immigration Records include ships’ manifests (ships’ passenger lists), border records of entry, juvenile immigration, naturalization and citizenship.  More info...

Land & Property Records

Land records provide evidence of an ancestor’s residence at an exact date, and the types of transactions can reflect his economic circumstances. The subject's occupation is usually stated. As well, the ancestor’s signature may be found.  More info...

Wills & Estates

According to English Common Law the provisions of a will regarding real property (land) come into effect upon the death of the testator. Here are some types of information that the genealogist may find in a will.  More info...

  • Real estate may be described.
  • An ancestor's signature on a will is a unique souvenir that may be useful for comparing with other documents.
  • The names of children (but not necessarily all children) may be listed.
  • Reference to married daughters or the full names of grandchildren or other relations may be listed.



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